Preventative Maintenance.


These key elements determine the success or failure of any ice facility.


Whether you're developing a new facility, or looking to improve an existing one, we can offer guidance in almost every area, such as:

Feasibility / Budgeting

Business Planning

Ice Scheduling

Business Reporting / POS

Sports and Entertainment Programming

Grassroots Programming

Ancillary Off-Ice Revenue

Brand Development / Marketing

Risk Management

Resurfacing / Mechanical

Refrigeration / Utilities

Facility Design / Construction 

Training / Hiring

Staff Operations / Succession Planning


We produce detailed feasibility studies for both permanent construction projects and seasonal outdoor ice rink activations. 


These studies take into account the vision of the project and align that vision with all of the data needed to support the overall concept.  This includes elements such as market research, capital expenditure requirements, design, programming, social and economic impact factors, and of course, earning potential.

If you're not sure how to get an ice rink project off the ground, a feasibility study is usually a great place to start.


There are many ways to fund ice facility projects, and we will work with you to determine the most viable financing prospects.  We will also help you develop all of the materials needed to procure funding, and serve as your in-house ice rink business expert throughout all discussions.

Investors, sponsors, executive boards, donors, and public funding sources are more likely to feel confident funding projects which have sought expert third-party assistance.  We add a layer of credibility to every project we work on because we bring our track record of success with us everywhere we go.




Preventative Maintenance.

These key elements determine the success or failure of any ice facility.  We're here to help.

Whether you're developing a new indoor or outdoor facility, or seeking to make improvements to an existing facility, we can provide you with valuable guidance to achieve success.




We specialize in developing detailed RFP's which yield easily comparable proposals.   Our knowledge of vendors in the ice industry allows us to streamline the procurement process, and you will be able to select from the most qualified and appropriate vendors.  Our reputation and relationships in the industry give us bargaining power, and enable us to negotiate the best deals.

We can also review supplier and service contracts to ensure full inclusivity, and avoid expensive and time-consuming omissions.

We encourage legal review of all contract terms.  Our role is to bring forth the best proposals, and ensure that the scope of work and supply provisions meet the needs of the project.




We can provide guidance on almost every area of ice facility development and operations, such as:

  • Business Planning

  • On-Ice and Off-Ice Programming

  • Ancillary Opportunities

  • Brand Development

  • Marketing

  • Risk Management

  • Facility Design 

  • Mechanical / Utility

  • Talent Sourcing / Training

  • Staff Operations / Succession Planning

  • Contractor / Operator Oversight

We also offer hourly remote consulting starting at $220/hour.

Whether you're a municipality who needs some honest feedback about what goes into building and running a rink, or a property management group wanting to do some preliminary exploration of seasonal ice rink concepts, we're just a phone call away!

Need a second set of eyes on a feasibility study?  Done!

Interested in learning what kind of return pop-up rinks are bringing to Lifestyle Centers?  Just ask!

Even just an hour of chatting with us can help to set you on the right path with your project.

We love "rink talk", and are delighted to help our clients in any way we can!